Bandot is a stable coin with decentralized 

Building a fully trusted stablecoin and Polkadot ecosystem


Token is a stable digital currency anchored with the US dollar. Play an important role in the circulation of the Bandot system.


Token is a digital currency used for market circulation, community rewards, promotion and airdrop use.


Bandot function 

The Bandot protocol is based on Polkadot’s endorsement of trust, making all parachain tokens have the value anchor of digital currency assets, increasing the authenticity and reliability of the assets. In the process of asset cross-chain circulation, the connection between users, data, and usage scenarios is completed. 


How to keep BDT price stable?

BDT > $1 

When the price of BDT tokens in the open market is higher than $ 1, speculators will be happy to use the $ 1 mortgage token to buy new BDT tokens and immediately sell them on the market.

BDT < $1 

If the price of the BDT token in the open market is $ 0.95, the arbitrageur will be encouraged to buy it and redeem it using the Bandot smart contract in exchange for a mortgage token worth $ 1.

Smart token liquidity

The circulation of tokens between different parallel chains determines the integrity of the entire cross-chain ecosystem. Bandot plays an important role of smart asset swap in the parachain, improves the token interaction capability between parachains, and enhances the relay processing capability of Polkadot.

dApps distributed applications

The Bandot protocol is a solution to the problem of smart tokens for SMEs To allow different businesses or individual users to easily and conveniently issue tokens and exchanges